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I. Safiulin, S. Schwarz, T. Philosof, M. Rupp:
"Latency and Resource Utilization Analysis for V2X Communication over LTE MBSFN Transmission";
Talk: ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas, München; 03-09-2016 - 03-11-2016; in: "Proceedings of the ITG Worshop on Smart Antennas", (2016).

English abstract:
In this paper, we investigate the performance of
LTE Multicast-Broadcast Single-Frequency Networks (MBSFN).
LTE-MBSFN is viewed as one of the most promising candidates
for vehicular communications which can enhance reliability
of vehicular application traffic. This is achieved due to the
possibility to efficiently support message exchange in-between
vehicles by multicasting information to several vehicles in parallel
(point-to-multipoint transmission) employing an Multimedia
Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS). We investigate two metrics
to gauge the performance of MBMS/MBSFN transmissions in
comparison with standard unicast transmissions for vehicular
communications: latency of packet delivery and overhead caused
by vehicular traffic, i.e., network utilization. Additionally, we
present technique of prediction of system behaviour and explore
the influence of transmission bandwidth and transmission rate
on mentioned metrics.

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