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S. Schwarz, M. Rupp:
"Transmit Optimization for the MISO Multicast Interference Channel";
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 63 (2015), 12; 4936 - 4949.

English abstract:
In this article, we consider multiple-input singleoutput
(MISO) physical layer multicasting, where several multiantenna
transmitters each simultaneously multicast a common
message to a distinct set of single-antenna receivers, causing
interference between different multicast messages. To optimize
the achievable rate of this MISO multicast interference channel,
we propose iterative distributed transmit optimization algorithms
that are based on interference leakage control, requiring local
channel state information at each transmitter and leakage
information exchange among transmitters. We furthermore
propose extensions of existing coordinated multipoint transmission
schemes that have been developed for unicast interference
channels, such as signal to leakage and noise ratio beamforming,
to the considered multicast system. Such methods are of
importance, e.g., for future releases of LTE that will support
multi-antenna multicasting using MBMS/MBSFN. Numerical
simulations confirm the potential of the proposed distributed
transmit optimization algorithm.

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