Publications in Scientific Journals:

K. Buchin, D. Eppstein, M. Löffler, M. Nöllenburg, R. Silveira:
"Adjacency-Preserving Spatial Treemaps";
Journal of Computational Geometry, 7 (2016), 1; 100 - 122.

English abstract:
Rectangular layouts, subdivisions of an outer rectangle into smaller rectangles,
have many applications in visualizing spatial information, for instance in rectangular cartograms
in which the rectangles represent geographic or political regions. A spatial treemap
is a rectangular layout with a hierarchical structure: the outer rectangle is subdivided into
rectangles that are in turn subdivided into smaller rectangles. We describe algorithms for
transforming a rectangular layout that does not have this hierarchical structure, together
with a clustering of the rectangles of the layout, into a spatial treemap that respects the
clustering and also respects to the extent possible the adjacencies of the input layout.

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