Publications in Scientific Journals:

R.A. Wilhelm, E. Gruber, V. Smejkal, S. Facsko, F. Aumayr:
"Charge-state-dependent energy loss of slow ions. I. Experimental results on the transmission of highly charged ions";
Physical Review A, 93 (2016), 0527081 - 0527084.

English abstract:
We report on energy loss measurements of slow (v v0), highly charged (Q > 10) ions upon transmission
through a 1-nm-thick carbon nanomembrane.We emphasize here the scaling of the energy loss with the velocity
and charge exchange or loss. We show that a weak linear velocity dependence exists, whereas charge exchange
dominates the kinetic energy loss, especially in the case of a large charge capture. A universal scaling of
the energy loss with the charge exchange and velocity is found and discussed in this paper. A model for
charge-state-dependent energy loss for slow ions is presented in paper II in this series [R. A. Wilhelm and W.

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