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E. Zöchmann, S. Schwarz, S. Pratschner, L. Nagel, M. Lerch, M. Rupp:
"Exploring the physical layer frontiers of cellular uplink";
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, 1 (2016), 118; 1 - 18.

English abstract:
Communication systems in practice are subject to many technical/technological constraints and restrictions. Multiple
input, multiple output (MIMO) processing in current wireless communications, as an example, mostly employs
codebook-based pre-coding to save computational complexity at the transmitters and receivers. In such cases,
closed form expressions for capacity or bit-error probability are often unattainable; effects of realistic signal processing
algorithms on the performance of practical communication systems rather have to be studied in simulation
environments. The Vienna LTE-A Uplink Simulator is a 3GPP LTE-A standard compliant MATLAB-based link level
simulator that is publicly available under an academic use license, facilitating reproducible evaluations of signal
processing algorithms and transceiver designs in wireless communications. This paper reviews research results that
have been obtained by means of the Vienna LTE-A Uplink Simulator, highlights the effects of single-carrier
frequency-division multiplexing (as the distinguishing feature to LTE-A downlink), extends known link adaptation
concepts to uplink transmission, shows the implications of the uplink pilot pattern for gathering channel state
information at the receiver and completes with possible future research directions.

German abstract:
Kein deutscher Abstract.

4G mobile communication, Cellular uplink, Computer simulation, LTE, LTE-A

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