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J. Pistrol, M. Hager, D. Adam, F. Kopf:
"Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) Systems";
Vortrag: 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting, Reykjavik; 25.05.2016 - 28.05.2016; in: "Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Geotechnical Meeting", Icelandic Geotechnical Society (Hrg.); (2016), ISBN: 978-9935-24-002-6; S. 865 - 874.

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Continuously improved compaction techniques in earthworks and geotechnical engineering require the use of adequate test equipment to assess the achieved compaction success. Conventional and spot like compaction testing methods, especially at large construction sites, are outdated and do not represent the state of the art anymore. Therefore, Continuous Compaction Control (CCC), a roller integrated system, has become the commonly used method for compaction control with vibratory rollers.
In the presented paper the leading CCC systems on the market (Compactometer, Terrameter, ACE) are discussed. Their structure, measurement principle and theoretical background is investigated.
Moreover, large-scale in situ tests were performed with a tandem roller with an oscillating and a vibrating drum. For the first time all three CCC systems and four CCC values are calculated from the accelerations of one single roller. The results of these large-scale tests are compared, dependencies of the CCC values on excitation parameters are investigated and advantages and disadvantages of the CCC systems are outlined.

soil dynamics, compaction, roller, vibration, Continuous Compaction Control

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