Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Vögler, J. Schleicher, C. Inzinger, S. Dustdar, R. Ranjan:
"Migrating Smart City Applications to the Cloud";
IEEE Cloud Computing, Volume 3 (2016), Issue 2; 72 - 79.

English abstract:
"Smart city" has emerged as an umbrella term for the pervasive
implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) designed to improve various areas of today´s cities. Areas of focus include citizen well-being, infrastructure, industry, and government. Smart city applications operate in a dynamic environment with many stakeholders that not only provide data for applications, but can also
contribute functionality or impose (possibly conflicting) requirements. Currently, the fundamental stakeholders in a smart city
are energy and transportation providers, as well as government
agencies, which offer large amounts of data about certain aspects
(for example, public transportation) of a city and its citizens.

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