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I. Podkosova, K. Vasylevska, C. Schönauer, E. Vonach, P. Fikar, E. Broneder, H. Kaufmann:
"ImmersiveDeck: A large-scale wireless VR system for multiple users";
in: "Proceesings of the 9th Workshop on Software Engineering and Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems SEARIS 2016", IEEE Xplore Digital Library, 2016.

English abstract:
We present preliminary results of work on a low-cost multi-user
immersive Virtual Reality system that enables collaborative experiences
in large virtual environments. In the proposed setup at least
three users can walk and interact freely and untethered in a 200 m2
area. The required equipment is worn on the body and rendering is
performed locally on each user to minimize latency. Inside-out optical
head tracking is coupled with a low-cost motion capture suit to
track the full body and the head. Movements of users, 3D interactions
and the positions of selected real world objects are distributed
over a wireless network in a server-client architecture. As a result,
users see the effect of their interactions with objects and other
users in real time. We describe the architecture of our implemented
proof-of-concept system.

Virtual Reality

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