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B. Davy, G. Gutheil-Knopp-Kirchwald:
"Special Issue: »Planning, land, and property: Framing spatial politics in another age of austerity« (Editorial)";
Der Öffentliche Sektor - The Public Sector, 1 (2016), S. 5 - 6.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The first special issue published by Der öffentliche Sektor / The
Public Sector establishes a new format for special issues. Each
article has been reviewed by two anonymous reviewers, selected
by the guest editor Benjamin Davy.
All articles deal with the political economy of owning-or
not owning-a piece of land. Planning, land, and property
contribute to this political economy in a variety of ways, and
often under conditions that seem to justify another age of

land policy, Bodenpolitik

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