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M. Candra, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"On Monitoring Cyber-Physical-Social Systems";
Talk: IEEE World Congress on Services (IEEE SERVICES 2016), San Francisco, California, USA; 2016-06-27 - 2016-07-02; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE World Congress on Services (IEEE SERVICES 2016)", R. Bahsoon, L. Zhang (ed.); IEEE Computer Society, (2016), ISBN: 978-1-5090-2616-6; 56 - 63.

English abstract:
Recent developments of computing systems allow humans to participate not only as service consumers but also as service providers. The interweaving of human-based computing into machine-based computing systems becomes apparent in smart city settings, where human-based services together with software-based services and thing-based services (e.g., sensor-asa-service) are orchestrated for solving complex problems, leading to the creation of the so-called Cyber-PhySical-Social Systems (CPSSs). Monitoring such CPSSs is essential for system planning, management, and governance. However, due to the diversity of the involved building blocks, it is challenging to monitor such systems. In this paper, we present metric models and
the associated Quality of Data (QoD) to elastically monitor the
execution metrics of a centralized coordinated CPSS. We develop
a monitoring framework for capturing and analyzing runtime metrics occurring on various facets of the coordinated CPSS. Furthermore, we present the implementation of our monitoring framework, and showcase monitoring features in a simulated system using real world infrastructure maintenance scenarios.

cyber-physical-social system, service monitoring, smart city management, event processing

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