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M. Lerch:
"Fully Controllable LTE Measurements at Very High Velocities";
Talk: Athens Information Technology, Athens, Greece (invited); 06-24-2016.

English abstract:
In order to evaluate current and upcoming mobile communication standards, a very flexible wireless testbed was set up at TU Wien, Vienna, Austria. This testbed combines the capability of performing experiments in real world scenarios at user velocities of up to 400 km/h with the capability of full controllability and reproducibility that is usually only supported by simulators. In this talk i will first give an overview of the Vienna Wireless Testbed and present a static measurement campaign and the underlying measurement methodology to compare the performance of the LTE MIMO downlink for different transmit antenna configurations. Second, i will introduce a setup that extends the Vienna Wireless Testbed to allow for fully controllable wireless experiments at velocities of up to 400 km/h. Finally, i will present results of a measurement campaign where we compared the performance of different channel interpolation techniques for LTE uplink transmissions at velocities between 50 km/h and 400 km/h.

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