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T. Cao, T. Pham, Q. Vu, H. Truong, D. Le, S. Dustdar:
"MARSA: A Marketplace for Realtime Human Sensing Data";
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Volume 16 (2016), Issue 3; 16:1 - 16:21.

English abstract:
This article introduces a dynamic cloud-based marketplace of near-realtime human sensing data (MARSA) for different stakeholders to sell and buy near-realtime data. MARSA is designed for environments where information technology (IT) infrastructures are not well developed but the need to gather and sell near-realtime data is great. To this end, we present techniques for selecting data types and managing data contracts based on different cost models, quality of data, and data rights. We design our MARSA platform by leveraging different data transferring solutions to enable an open and scalable communication mechanism between sellers (data providers) and buyers (data consumers). To evaluate MARSA, we carry out several experiments with the near-realtime transportation data provided by people in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and simulated scenarios in multicloud environments.

Internet of Things, platform, data contract, cost model

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