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O. Skarlat, P. Hönisch, S. Dustdar:
"On Energy Efficiency of BPM Enactment in the Cloud";
Talk: 1st International Workshop on Process Engineering (IWPE 2015) at BPM 2015, Innsbruck, Austria; 2015-08-31 - 2015-09-03; in: "Business Process Management Workshops, BPM 2015, 13th International Workshops, Revised Papers", M. Reichert, H. Reijers (ed.); Springer International Publishing, LNBIP 256 (2016), ISBN: 978-3-319-42886-4; 489 - 500.

English abstract:
Today, a new infrastructure provisioning approach called Cloud Elasticity is evolving, covering three dimensions of elasticity: resource, cost, and quality. Recently, Cloud Elasticity has been utilized for Business Process Enactment in the Cloud as the involved services face highly volatile demand levels. Through treating the three dimensions equally, so-called Elastic (Business) Processes can be achieved, i.e., by leasing and releasing resources on-demand, and customerīs requirements regarding quality and cost can now be met more easily. However, information technology infrastructures are now counted as a problem linked to global warming, and accounting for energy efficiency is an adequate response towards "Green" initiatives. This paper is focused on the fulfillment of the principles of Green Computing and Green Business Process Management on the basis of Cloud Elasticity to support Elastic Processes. We describe an approach for the enactment of energy-efficient Elastic Processes by means of the ViePEP platform.

Energy efficiency - Elastic processes - Business Process Enactment - Cloud Computing

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