Contributions to Proceedings:

V. Dagiene, G. Futschek, G. Stupurienė:
"Teachers´ Constructionist and Deconstructionist Learning by Creating Bebras Tasks";
in: "Constructionism in Action, Proceedings of Constructionism 2016", issued by: Suksapattana Foundation; Suksapattana Foundation, Bangmod, 2016, 257 - 264.

English abstract:
The constructionist theory of learning offers useful ways of thinking how computers and digital
tools can be included into education. Deconstructionism as an extension of constructionism is a
natural way of children´ s behaviour while exploring new tools. Constructionism and
deconstructionism can be applied both in the classroom and in outreach school activities. To
support constructionism and/or deconstructionism, we need to focus on supporting teachers. This
paper explores the main question: How teachers may learn in a constructionist and
deconstructionist way. We discuss this question from the perspective of the Bebras challenge in
informatics and computational thinking. A contest and supplementary activities have been
performed for more than ten years by many countries. We focus on one side of the challenge -
the development of tasks. We present our experiences from several years of Bebras teachers´
workshops. In this paper, we provide two task development stories focussing on teachers´
constructionist and deconstructionist learning.
The task is the output, the informatics concept is usually the learning goal and task content, the
constructionist and deconstructionist ways are the learning models that are applied to accomplish
the task.
Teachers could learn in both ways: 1) through developing ( constructing) tasks, and 2) through
analysing them solving and explaining the essence of tasks why it is informatics. Furthermore, the
presented stories allow us to argue that development of tasks gives teachers an opportunity to
learn informatics concepts deeper. Both presented stories demonstrate the constructionist and
deconstructionist approaches and focus on the teachers´ learning process.

Constructionism, deconstructionism, gamification, informatics education, task development, teachers´ learning.

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