E. Thonhofer, E. Luchini, S. Jakubek:
"A flexible, adaptive traffic network simulation with parameter estimation";
Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 21 (2017), 1; S. 63 - 77.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This article deals with macroscopic traffic modeling and online parameter estimation suitable for real-
time simulation of complex road configurations. A numerical model for the nonlinear hyperbolic trans-
port equation is introduced that works with a fundamental diagram of arbitrary shape and piecewise
differentiable, discontinuous initial conditions. Suitable boundary conditions at road inlets and outlets
are realized. A method to identify parameters of the underlying fundamental diagram via aggregated
traffic sensor data is presented and the Fisher Information Matrix is utilized to optimize trafficsen-
sor placement. The choice of parameterization, sensor placement, and the range of sensor data affect
identifiability of the parameters of the fundamental diagram. The results are validated by comparison
with a microscopic traffic simulation based on a car-following model.

Fisher Information Matrix; optimization; parameter identification; traffic modeling

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