M. Deutsch, D. Müller, C. Aumeyr, C. Jordan, C. Gierl-Mayer, P. Weinberger, F. Winter, A. Werner:
"Systematic search algorithm for potential thermochemical energy storage systems";
Applied Energy, 183 (2016), S. 113 - 120.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Thermochemical energy storage (TCES) is considered as an emerging green technology for increased energy utilization efficiency, thereby achieving a reduction of greenhouse gases. Various reaction systems
based on different substance classes (e.g. hydrates, hydroxides, oxides) were suggested and investigated so far. Nevertheless, the number of know reactions which are suitable is still limited, as the main focus concentrates on the investigation of a handful known substances, their further improvement or applicability. To find novel promising candidates for thermochemical energy storage and also to allow for a broader view on the topic, this work present a systematic search approach for thermochemical storage reactions based on chemical databases. A mathematical search algorithm identifies potential reactions categorized by the reactant necessary for the reaction cycle and ranked by storage density. These candidates
are listed in the online available VIENNA TCES-database, combined with experimental results, assessing the suitability of these reactions regarding of e.g. decomposition/recombination temperature,
reversibility, cycle stability, etc.

thermochemical energy storage, search algorithm, database

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