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E. Csencsics, R. Saathof, G. Schitter:
"Design of a Dual-Tone Controller for Lissajous-based Scanning of Fast Steering Mirrors";
Vortrag: American Control Conference 2016, Boston (USA); 06.07.2016 - 08.07.2016; in: "Proceeding of the 2016 American Control Conference", (2016), S. 461 - 466.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Fast steering mirrors (FMSs) are used in various
applications like optical scanning of surfaces, feature detection
or beam steering for optical communication systems. This paper
introduces Lissajous scan trajectories to improve the tracking
performance of a commercial FSM scanning system. The design
of a dual tone (DT) feedback controller is presented that is
tailored to this type of trajectory and the low-stiffness properties
of electromagnetically actuated systems. It is shown that the
controller can be used to eliminate periodic errors resulting
from remaining cross-talk between the system axes. The DT
controller significantly improves the tracking performance as
compared to conventional wide bandwidth (WBW) control
of the FSM. Applying the tailored controller with Lissajous
trajectories reduces the RMS tracking error to 0.77%, as
compared to more than 9.1% for the conventional raster scan
with a WBW controller. The peak error is reduced from 16%
for the raster scan to 1.1% for the Lissajous scan.

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