A. Cherevan, S. Robbins, D.J. Dieterle, P. Gebhardt, U. Wiesner, D. Eder:
"Ordered Gyroidal Tantalum Oxide Photocatalysts: Eliminating Diffusion Limitations and Tuning Surface Barriers";
Nanoscale, 8 (2016), S. 16694 - 16701.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this work we synthesized well-ordered, highly crystalline Ta2O5 films with 3D-interconnected gyroid mesopore architecture and large pore sizes beyond 20 nm through self-assembly of tailor-made triblock-terpolymers. This has effectively eliminated diffusion limitations inherent to previously reported mesoporous photocatalysts and resulted in superior hydrogen evolution with apparent quantum yields of up to 3.7 % in the absence of any cocatalyst. We further show that the injection barrier at the solid-liquid interface constitutes a key criterion for photocatalytic performance and can be modified by the choice of the carbon template. This work highlights pore and surface engineering as a promising tool towards high-performance mesoporous catalysts for various energy-related applications.

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