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D. Bomze, P. Knaack, T. Koch, H. Jin, R. Liska:
"Radical induced cationic frontal polymerization as a versatile tool for epoxy curing and composite production";
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 54 (2016), 23; 3751 - 3759.

English abstract:
Radical induced cationic frontal polymn. (RICFP) is an extremely powerful and elegant alternative curing technique that allows cationic bulk curing of epoxy resins with very little energy consumption, as well as curing in compartments that are not readily accessible. We recently introduced a bisphenol-​A diglycidyl ether (BADGE) based system that allows the bubble-​free photocuring of this widely used epoxy resin. In this article, we describe the high storage stability and possibilities to influence the curing speed via the initiator concns. of different formulations. These properties allow the adjustment of the frontal polymn. to ones need. We also show that the (thermo)​mech. and elec. properties of frontal cured epoxy polymers compares favorably with those of state of the art material. Finally, different strategies to overcome the challenges on producing epoxy resin based mica composites via RICFP are presented.

Polymerization, frontal; radical induced cationic frontal polymn. of epoxy curing and composite prodn.

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