L. Mayr, B. Klötzer, D. Schmidmair, N. Köpfle, J. Bernardi, S. Schwarz, M. Armbrüster, S. Penner:
"Boosting Hydrogen Production from Methanol and Water by in situ Activation of Bimetallic Cu−Zr Species";
ChemCatChem, 8 (2016), 10; S. 1778 - 1781.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A bimetallic Cu/Cu51Zr14 precatalyst, activated in situ, for hydrogen generation from methanol and water provides very high CO2 selectivity (>99.9 %) and high H2 yields. Referenced to the geometric surface area of our model surface, higher activity of at least one order of magnitude was observed in comparison to supported Cu/ZrO2 and Cu/ZnO/ZrO2 catalysts. Evolution of structural activation monitored by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and electron microscopy indicates transformation of the bimetallic Cu/Cu51Zr14 precatalyst into an active, selective, and self-stabilizing state with coexistence of dispersed Cu and partially hydroxylated tetragonal ZrO2. The outstanding performance is assigned to the presence of a high interface-site concentration following in situ decomposition of the intermetallic compound. These active sites result from the cooperation of Cu, responsible for methanol activation, and tetragonal ZrO2, which activates the water by surface hydroxylation.

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