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P. Smolek, I. Leobner, B. Heinzl, G. Gourlis, K. Ponweiser:
"A Method for Real-Time Aggregation of a Product Footprint during Manufacturing";
Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, 4 (2016), 4; 360 - 378.

English abstract:
To assess cost, time investment, energy consumption and carbon emission of manufacturing on a per-piece basis, a bottom-up approach for aggregating a real-time product footprint is proposed. This method allows the evaluation of the environmental impact of a batch or even single product using monitoring or simulation data. To analyze the infrastructure, the production plant is decomposed into modules that are in relation to each other via inputs and outputs. Distinguishing between modules for production, logistics, energy system, buildings and auxiliary systems, the different approaches for distributing resource consumption between the products are presented. Special attention is paid to typical scenarios that occur in production plants and problems that may arise from them. For example, the incorporation of standby-, setup- and ramp-up times, the energy consumption of the administration and the allocation of different products and by-products manufactured at a machine are taken into account.

Energy efficient industry, Simulation, Carbon footprint of products, Product life-cycle assessment, Manufacturing

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