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J. Makhaeva, Ch. Frauenberger, K. Spiel:
"Creating Creative Spaces for Co-Designing with Autistic Children - The concept of a "Handlungsspielraum"";
Talk: Participatory Design Conference, Aarhus, DK; 2016-08-15 - 2016-08-19; in: "Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference", Aarhus University, (2016), 10 pages.

English abstract:
Participatory design is inherently concerned with creatively invent- ing alternative futures. From this perspective we argue that facili- tating meaningful participation is configuring processes that allow for the unfolding of creative potentials of participants. To this end, we have developed the concept of "Handlungsspielraum" - the con- ceptual creative space in which participants and designers collabo- rate, exploring unique pathways by balancing given structures and freedoms in order to creatively think about the design at hand. Be- yond the theoretical value of this perspective, we have found the concept to be a powerful, practical tool which allows designers to plan, conduct and reflect on co-design activities. In the Outside- TheBox project it has supported us in systematically developing tailored co-design activities with autistic children to design inter- active "smart" objects. It has allowed us to consciously design creative spaces by providing social, physical and mental - method- ological structures as well as creative freedoms. In the paper we establish the concept of a "Handlungsspielraum" and provide four case studies to demonstrate the practical guidance that it offers.

creativity; children; autism; participatory design

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