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M. Cavedon, T. Pütterich, E. Viezzer, G. Birkenmeier, T. Happel, F. Laggner, P. Manz, F. Ryter, U. Stroth, . ASDEX Upgrade Team:
"Interplay between turbulence, neoclassical and zonal flows during the transition from low to high confinement mode at ASDEX Upgrade";
Nuclear Fusion, 57 (2017), 1; 0140021 - 0140026.

English abstract:
The spatio-temporal interplay between turbulence, mean and zonal flows has been investigated at the L-H and H-L transitions in the edge region of the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak. Close to both transitions, an intermediate phase (I-phase) characterized by `limit cycle like oscillations´ (LCOs) is observed in which periodic bursts of turbulence correlate with E × B flow reduction and relaxation of gradients. During the I-phase, the E × B velocity is dominated by the mean flows indicating that turbulence driven flows are small. Periodic dithers between L-mode and the phases with LCOs are also observed just before the H-mode onset where the edge density and temperature profile gradients evolve on similar timescale as the flows. Thus connection between mean and E × B flows holds during the all evolution from L-mode to H-mode demonstrating the fundamental role of the neoclassical flows in the L-H transition physics.

L-H transition, neoclassical flow, turbulence flow interaction

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