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G. Gantner, A. Haberl, D. Praetorius, B. Stiftner:
"Rate optimal adaptive FEM with inexact solver for strongly monotone operators";
Keynote Lecture: Oberwolfach Workshop on Adaptive Algorithms, Oberwolfach (invited); 2016-09-18 - 2016-09-24; in: "Oberwolfach Report", European Mathematical Society, 44/2016 (2016).

English abstract:
Meanwhile, the mathematical understanding of adaptive FEM has reached a mature state with certain milestones for linear elliptic PDEs and non-linear energy minimization problems. Moreover, optimal adaptive FEM with inexact solvers has already been addressed for linear PDEs as well as eigenvalue problems. However, for problems involving nonlinear operators, optimal adaptive FEM with inexact solvers has not been analyzed yet. The present talk aims to close the gap between (abstract) convergence analysis and empirical evidence by analyzing a model class of strongly monotone operators.

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