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J. Sorger, P. Mindek, T. Klein, I. Viola et al.:
"Illustrative Transitions in Molecular Visualization via Forward and Inverse Abstraction Transform";
Talk: Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM), Bergen, Norwegen; 2016-09-07 - 2016-09-09; in: "Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine (VCBM)", (2016), ISBN: 978-3-03868-010-9; 21 - 30.

English abstract:
A challenging problem in biology is the incompleteness of
acquired information when visualizing biological phenomena.
Structural biology generates detailed models of viruses or
bacteria at different development stages, while the
processes that relate one stage to another are often not
clear. Similarly, the entire life cycle of a biological
entity might be available as a quantitative model, while
only one structural model is available. If the relation
between two models is specified at a lower level of detail
than the actual models themselves, the two models cannot be
interpolated correctly. We propose a method that deals with
the visualization of incomplete data information in the
developmental or evolutionary states of biological mesoscale
models, such as viruses or microorganisms. The central tool
in our approach is visual abstraction. Instead of directly
interpolating between two models that show different states
of an organism, we gradually forward transform the models
into a level of visual abstraction that matches the level of
detail of the modeled relation between them. At this level,
the models can be interpolated without conveying false
information. After the interpolation to the new state, we
apply the inverse transformation to the model´'s original
level of abstraction. To show the flexibility of our
approach, we demonstrate our method on the basis of
molecular data, in particular data of the HIV virion and the
mycoplasma bacterium."

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