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F. Libisch, A. Klimann, S. Rotter, J. Burgdörfer:
"Transport through graphene nanoribbons: suppression of transverse quantization by symmetry breaking";
Physica Status Solidi B - Basic Solid State Physics, 253 (2016), 2366 - 2372.

English abstract:
We investigate transport through graphene nanoribbons in the presence of disorder scattering. We show that size quantization patterns are only present when inline image pseudospin symmetry is preserved. Symmetry breaking disorder strongly suppresses signatures of transverse quantization due to the inherent entanglement of pseudospin and transverse quantum numbers in graphene. To quantitatively distinguish the influence of symmetry breaking and symmetry conserving disorder on transport, we consider weak localization: we observe a transition from weak antilocalization to weak localization as symmetry-breaking disorder is introduced. We discuss implications for experimental observations of size quantization signatures.

Graphene, quantum transport

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