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D. Schwendenwein, G. Fiume, H. Weber, F. Rudroff, M. Winkler:
"Selective Enzymatic Transformation to Aldehydes in vivo by Fungal Carboxylate Reductase from Neurospora crassa";
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 21 (2016), 358; 3414 - 3421.

English abstract:
Theenzymatic reductionofcarboxylic
acids is in its infancy with only ahandful of biocata-
lysts available to this end. We have increased the
spectrumofcarboxylate-reducing enzymes (CARs)
with the sequence of afungal CARfrom Neurospora
crassa OR74A (NcCAR). NcCAR was efficiently ex-
pressedinE. coli using an autoinduction protocolat
low temperature.Itwas purified and characterized in
vitro,revealing abroad substrate acceptance,apH
optimum at pH 5.5-6.0, a T
of 45 8
8Cand inhibition
by the co-product pyrophosphate which can be alle-
viated by the addition of pyrophosphatase.The syn-
thetic utility of NcCAR was demonstrated in
awhole-cell biotransformation using the Escherichia
coli K-12 MG1655 RARE straininorder to suppress
overreduction to undesired alcohol.The fragrance
compound piperonal was preparedfrom piperonylic
acid (30 mM) on gram scale in 92%isolated yield in
> 98% purity. This corresponds to aproductivity of
1.5 g/L/h.

aldehydes; biocatalysis;carboxylate reductase;carboxyli cacids;flavours and fragrances

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