B. Steiner, E. Mousavian, M. Wimmer, P. Musialski et al.:
"Integrated Structural-Architectural Design for Interactive Planning";
Computer Graphics Forum, 10/2016 (2016), S. 1 - 16.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Traditionally, building floor plans are designed by architects with their usability, functionality and architectural aesthetics in mind; however, the structural properties of the distribution of load-bearing walls and columns are usually not taken into account at this stage. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for the design of architectural floor plans by integrating structural layout analysis directly into the planning process. In order to achieve this, we introduce a planning tool which interactively enforces checks for structural stability of the current design, and which on demand proposes how to stabilize it if necessary. Technically, our solution contains an interactive architectural modelling framework as well as a constrained optimization module where both are based on respective architectural rules. Using our tool, an architect can predict already in a very early planning stage whose designs are structurally sound such that later changes due to stability reasons can be prevented. We compare manually computed solutions with optimal results of our proposed automated design process in order to show how much our proposed system can help architects to improve the process of laying out structural models optimally.

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