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K. Sirak, N. Robisch, L. Salamakha, H. Michor, E. Bauer:
"Magnetic Instabilities in Non-Fermi Liquid Ce3Pd4Si4 Driven by Magnetic Dilution";
Solid State Phenomena, 257 (2017), 195 - 198.

English abstract:
Materials which are close to a quantum critical point are rather prone to magnetic instabilities; even small modifications of relevant interaction mechanisms can be responsible for a magnetic phase transition to occur at finite temperatures. In this work it is demonstrated that actually a substitution of Ce by non-magnetic La in Ce3Pd4Si4 drives a magnetic instability, with ordering temperatures as high as 10 K. To trace the evolution of magnetism and the onset of long range magnetic order in Ce3-xLaxPd4Si4, various bulk property measurements were carried out.

Ce3Pd4Si4, non-Fermi liquid, magnetic instability, quantum critical point

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