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M.F. Zia, A. Vasko, Z. Riedl, C. Hametner, G. Hajos, K. Mereiter, M.D. Mihovilovic:
"Biodihydroxylation of substituted quinolines and isoquinolines by recombinant whole-cell mediated biotransformations";
Tetrahedron, 72 (2016), 7348 - 7355.

English abstract:
The recombinant whole-cell mediated biooxygenation of various quinolines and isoquinolines was investigated employing three different dioxygenases of bacterial origin. Substrate screening focused on the biotransformation of cyano-substituted azaarenes, in particular. Efficiently accepted substrates were submitted to scale-up of the enzyme mediated reaction to preparative scale. The regio- and stereoselectivity of the obtained metabolites was established by NMR and X-ray diffraction after appropriate

Dioxygenases Biocatalysis Asymmetric synthesis Chemoenzymatic synthesis cis-Dihydrodiols

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