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S. Nastic, H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"A Middleware Infrastructure for Utility-Based Provisioning of IoT Cloud Systems";
Talk: 1st IEEE/ACM Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC 2016), Washington, DC, USA; 2016-10-27 - 2016-10-28; in: "Proceedings of the 1st IEEE/ACM Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC 2016)", IEEE, (2016), ISBN: 978-1-5090-3321-8; 28 - 40.

English abstract:
Recently, we have witnessed numerous benefits ofexploiting Cloud Computing models and technologies in thecontext of the Internet of Things and Edge Computing. However, utility-based provisioning paradigm, one of the most importantproperties of Cloud Computing, is yet to be realized in emergingIoT Cloud systems. In this paper, we introduce a novel middleware, which provides comprehensive support for multi-levelprovisioning of IoT Cloud systems. The main features of ourmiddleware include: i) A generic, light-weight resource abstractionmechanism, which enables application-specific customizationof Edge devices, ii) Support for automated provisioning of Edgeresources and application components in a logically centralizedmanner, via dynamically managed APIs, and iii) Flexible provisioningmodels that enable self-service, on-demand consumptionof the Edge resources. We evaluate our middleware using real-lifeapplications in the domain of building management systems.

Middleware, IoT Cloud Systems, Utility-based provisioning

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