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M. R. Obermair, B. Glock:
"Agent-based Simulation on the Railway Connection from and to the Vienna International Airport";
Simulation Notes Europe, 24 (2014), 3-4; 123 - 126.

English abstract:
This agent-based simulation deals with the railway connection to the vienna International Airport and was created using the simulation program AnyLogic. With this program a transportation company should be able to estimate easily which timetable allows to transport a maximum of passengers without the use of too many trains.
The Vienna International Airport is located in the centre of Europe. This makes the airport an important platform for international air travelling especially in Gentral and Eastern Europe. In 2013 around 22 million passengers were transportet. There are more than 15 million people who need to be transportet to the airport. Additionally the airport staff uses the different tranportation possibilities as well.
This simulation investigates and simulates the railway connection of the airport using the Java-based simulation program AnyLogic.
Depending on various parameters that mostly can be changed by the user, this model offers a simplified presentation of a passenger movement at the airport between gates and railway station. Moreover the trains of the Viennese S-Bahn and the City Airport Train (CAT) are simulated. These trains are created according to the original timetable, but the amount of trains can be increased by the user, which leads to a shorter time interval of the trains during the rush hours. Furthermore the expenses, income and profit of the railway companies are calculated as well.

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