Publications in Scientific Journals:

S. Khmelevskyi, A.B. Shick, P. Mohn:
"Prospect for tunnelling anisotropic magneto-resistance in ferri-magnets: Spin-orbit coupling effects in Mn3Ge and Mn3Ga";
Applied Physics Letters, 109 (2016), 2224021 - 2224024.

English abstract:
Magnetic anisotropic phenomena in Mn
Ge and Mn
Ga ferrimagnets are studied by first-
principles density functional theory calcula
tions. We find a large positive magnetic anisot-
ropy energy, associated with the Mn-atoms in t
he 4d-crystallographic positions. Sizable
anisotropy in the density of states is found in
the vicinity of the Fermi energy, and suggests
the promising possibility for the generation of a sizable tunneling anisotropic magneto-resistance
effect (TAMR). The use of the ferrimagnetic materials for TAMR magnetic tunneling junctions
is discussed as a prospective alternative for ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic materials.

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