Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Martin-Garcia, A. Mascaraque, B. Pabón, R. Bliem, G. Parkinson, G. Chen, A. Schmid, J. de la Figuera:
"Spin reorientation transition of magnetite (001)";
Physical Review B, 93 (2016), 1344191 - 1344196.

English abstract:
We have imaged the rearrangement of the magnetic domains on magnetite (001) when crossing the spin
reorientation transition and the Verwey transition with nanometer resolution. By means of spin-polarized lowenergy
electron microscopy we have monitored the change in the easy axes lowering the temperature through
both transitions in remanence. The spin reorientation transition occurs in two steps: initial nucleation and growth
of domains with a new surface magnetic orientation is followed by a smooth evolution.

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