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Franz Preyser, B. Heinzl, P. Raich, W. Kastner:
"Towards Extending the Parallel-DEVS Formalism to Improve Component Modularity";
Talk: 2016 Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen STS und GMMS, Lippstadt, Germany; 2016-03-10 - 2016-03-11; in: "Tagungsband zum Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen STS und GMMS", ARGESIM Verlag Wien, (2016).

English abstract:
When applying classic DEVS modelling in the context of industrial facility simulation, we experienced the well-known drawbacks of DEVS concerning the treatment of simultaneous events. Switching to Parallel
DEVS, some of those problems could be avoided, however other, similar problems in connection with mealy components and transient states occurred. In the following work, we try to locate the root of
these problems and give a basic example to demonstrate them. Further, possible remedies in the form of modelling work-arounds inside the PDEVS formalism are described, although none of them seems to
solve the problems sustainably. Eventually extensions of the formalism itself are proposed with the goal of easing the design of models including mealy components. Finally the consequences of such modifications for the simulation algorithms are discussed.

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Project Head Fritz Bleicher:
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