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M. Fereydooni, M. Sabaei, M. Dehghan, G. Babazadeh Eslamlou, M. Rupp:
"Coverage Distribution of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Under Unsaturated Load";
Talk: International Workshop on Link- and System Level Simulations, Wien; 07-01-2016; in: "International Workshop on Link- and System Level Simulations", IEEE, Wien, (2016), ISBN: 978-1-5090-4949-3; 1 - 5.

English abstract:
Heterogeneous cellular networks have received considerable attention in the literature owing to increased data demands of cellular network users.
Recently, Poisson Point processes (PPPs) are vastly used for modeling and analyzing cellular networks because of their accuracy and tractability. However, results in this area suffer from a big drawback. They considered a saturated load model in their analysis or used a base station (BS) activity factor independent of the network condition. In this work, we evaluate the performance of cellular networks under a more accurate definition of load. In cellular networks, a BS is active when it has at least one user associated and is inactive when it has no associated user.
The load definition used in this paper is a user-based load model and denotes whether at least one user is associated with the BS or not. This paper provides a closed form relation for the probability of inactive BSs of each tier. Based on this value, the coverage probability of the network has been derived. Finally, the performance of analytical expressions has been validated with simulations.

Heterogeneous Cellular Networks; Poisson Point Process; Load-aware User Association; Coverage distribution.

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