M. Shafiq, R. Viertl:
"Bathtub Hazard Rate Distributions and Fuzzy Life Times";
Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Vol. 14 (2017), No 5; S. 31 - 41.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The development of life time analysis started back in the $20^{\textit{th}}$ century and since then comprehensive developments have been made to model life time data efficiently. Recent development in measurements shows that all continuous measurements can not be measured as precise numbers but they are more or less fuzzy. Life time is also a continuous phenomenon, and has already been shown that life time observations are not precise measurements but fuzzy. Therefore, the corresponding analysis techniques employed on the data require to consider fuzziness of the observations to obtain appropriate estimates.
In this study generalized estimators for the parameters and hazard rates are proposed for bathtub failure rate distributions to model fuzzy life time data effectively.

Keywords Bathtub failure rate ; Fuzzy number ; Life time ; Non-precise data

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