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A. Körner, S. Winkler:
"Teaching and Testing with Maple T.A. in the Framework of Vienna UT";
Keynote Lecture: Transforming Online STEM Education ...A Maple T.A. and Möbius User Summit, Vienna University of Technology (invited); 2016-10-19 - 2016-10-21.

English abstract:
Since 2007 Vienna UT is offering a bridging and refreshing course in mathematics for beginners of STEM studies. The course was initially launched for students of electrical engineering. Today the course is offered to all math-oriented engineering studies at the university. During this process the testing and assessment possibilities in Maple T.A. evolved and improved so that the activities and projects with Maple T.A. enhanced as well.
The talk will give an overview about the history of nearly 10 years of Blended Learning at Vienna University of Technology. Success and failures in the development of Blended Learning at the University will be discussed and the status quo will be presented. The structure of basic lectures in engineering mathematics was affected by this development and these structures were used even in courses in the first semesters of study.
In 2016 the MathApps of Maple were introduced and enabled a wide range of new possibilities how to organise, orient and establish a new teaching approach in the blended learning concepts of Vienna UT.

didactical Koncepts, Basic mathematical courses, STEM Courses, Blended Learning Methodologies

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