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L. Eberhardsteiner, B. Marchart, R. Blab:
"Design of bituminous pavements in Austria - a mechanistic approach";
Poster: 6th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, Prag; 01.06.2016 - 03.06.2016; in: "Proceedings of 6th Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress", (2016), 8 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The objective of pavement design is to develop pavement constructions, which are able to resist appearing traffic loads and climatic conditions during the intended life time. The concerning regulations and standards in Austria are based on semi-analytical models to describe the mechanical response to these loads. As, thereby, standard constructions are derived for 7 load classes and 8 pavement types, neither actual data concerning traffic load, nor performance related material characteristics like stiffness or fatigue behavior of the hot mix asphalt (HMA) used can be considered leading to significant design reserves. Hence, a mechanistic design approach for bituminous pavements in Austria was developed, recently, and is expected to be released as a new national standard. Thereby, statistically derived model parameters or actually measured input parameters (traffic loads, HMA stiffness behavior, HMA fatigue behavior) or a combination of both are taken into account. The possible consideration of the advantages in mechanical behavior of modern bituminous mixtures not only allows more economic design results but also leads to the efficient use of bitumen, a crude oil product with decreasing availability.

Design of pavement, Economics, Fatigue Cracking, Stiffness

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