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L. Langer, F. Skopik, P. Smith, M. Kammerstetter:
"From old to new: Assessing cybersecurity risks for an evolving smart grid";
in: "Elsevier Journal on Computers & Security", 62; herausgegeben von: Elsevier; Elsevier, 2016, S. 165 - 176.

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Future smart grids will consist of legacy systems and new ICT components, which are used
to support increased monitoring and control capabilities in the low- and medium-voltage
grids. In this article, we present a cybersecurity risk assessment method, which involves
two interrelated streams of analyses that can be used to determine the risks associated with
an architectural concept of a smart grid that includes both legacy systems and novel ICT
concepts. To ensure the validity of the recommendations that stem from the risk assessment
with respect to national regulatory and deployment norms, the analysis is based on
a consolidated national smart grid reference architecture. We have applied the method in
a national smart grid security project that includes a number of key smart grid stakeholders,
resulting in security recommendations that are based on a sound understanding of
cybersecurity risks.

Smart Grid, Risks, Risk Assessment, Critical Infrastructures

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