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D. Henneke, C. Freudenmann, M. Kammerstetter, D. Rua, L. Wisniewski, J. Jasperneite:
"Communications for AnyPLACE: A Smart Metering Platform with Management and Control Functionalities";
in: "21st IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2016)", IEEE, 2016.

English abstract:
Recent developments under the term Smart Grid
change how users consume electricity and interact with the
power grid. Smart metering and energy management are developments
that transform the yet passive energy consumer to
a participant that is actively involved in the energy market by
using variable energy tariffs or by demand response services. But
such functionality demands a platform that integrates all smart
devices in the users property, connects to external services and
electricity providers, and has interfaces that provide information
and control to the user. AnyPLACE will develop such platform.
Based on the latest legislation in the European member states, it
will incorporate smart meters and create links to external service
providers. Furthermore, it connects the devices in the property of
the end-user in order to be able to fully monitor and control the
energy consumption. This paper presents the AnyPLACE idea
and the problems that are solved on the communications aspect.
It provides an in-depth analysis of current European legislation
in the context of smart metering and provides the requirements
that need to be realized by the platform. Additionally, it proposes
a strategy to create a solution that can be used in any place of
Europe. The paper also incorporates the security and privacy
requirements in different domains. In the end, a solution is
sketched and important properties are highlighted.

Smart Grid, Security, Management and Control

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