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M Függer, T. Nowak, U. Schmid:
"Unfaithful Glitch Propagation in Existing Binary Circuit Models";
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 65 (2016), 3; 964 - 978.

English abstract:
We show that no existing continuous-time, binary value-domain model for digital circuits is able to correctly capture glitch propagation. Prominent examples of such models are based on pure delay channels (P), inertial delay channels (I), or the elaborate Delay Degradation Model (DDM) channels proposed by Bellido-Diaz et. al. We accomplish our goal by considering the border between solvability and non-solvability of a simple problem called Short-Pulse Filtration (SPF), which is closely related to arbitration and synchronization. On one hand, we prove that SPF is solvable in bounded time in any such model that provides channels with non constant delay, like I and DDM. This is in opposition to the impossibility of solving bounded SPF in real (physical) circuit models. On the other hand, for binary circuit models with constant-delay channels, we prove that SPF cannot be solved even in unbounded time; again in opposition to physical circuit models. Consequently, indeed none of the binary value-domain models proposed so far (and that we are aware of) faithfully captures glitch propagation of real circuits. We finally show that these modeling mismatches do not hold for the weaker eventual SPF problem.

Circuit models, glitch propagation, binary models, modeling issues

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