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J. Ruths, G. Schneckenreither:
"An Agent-based Approach to ARGESIM Benchmark C16 'Restaurant Business Dynamics' based on NetLogo";
Simulation Notes Europe, 24 (2014), 3-4; 127 - 130.

English abstract:
In this comparison the business dynamic of restaurants is modeled. Restaurants open in an ares inhabited by people, who visit those restaurants from time to time. Restaurants may close or a new restaurant may open, depending on their business performances. For this comparison, we chose an agent-based approach, using the freely available agent-based programming language in integrated modeling environment NetLogo. We will giva a brief overview of the model assumptions, the reasons that led us to the decision on an agent-based approach, as well as a short introduction of NetLogo and its advantages regarding the implementation of the model. We will discuss specific aspects of the implementation itself and the results of several tasks that had to be performed.

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