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S. Emrich:
"An Agent-Based Approach to Increasing Space Utilization of Office Buildings";
Simulation Notes Europe, 25 (2015), 1; 9 - 16.

English abstract:
Based on a brief analysis of the status quo of office space utilization 8section 1), a hybrid simulation model combining discrete event simulation (DES) and agent-based methons (AB) is developed in section 2. In section 3 it is to analyze some general characteristics of such office systems. Although academic, the results underline the huge potential benefit for an increased space utilization through utilization of mathematical simulation.
In private business the cost factor is one of the main - if not the major - contributor to decission making. Nevertheless there is a certain blind spot when it comes to space related costs, which is partially induced by the status of owning representative buildings or a spacious office. But aside from this, the awareness for the potential savings (regardless whether of GHG emissions or financial ones) through an efficiency increase in space management is hardly existent, yet. Subsequently current approchaed to reduce space related costs focus on buidlings' operating costs instead.

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