A. Sunk, P. Kuhlang, T. Edtmayr, W. Sihn:
"Developments of traditional value stream mapping to enhance personal and organisational system and methods competencies";
International Journal of Production Research, Dezember (2016), S. 1 - 15.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents developments of traditional value stream mapping (VSM) related to enhancing system and method
competencies of both individuals and organisations. Since systematic immersions in traditional VSM - a highly accepted
technique for improving production systems - are necessary, this paper describes from a production research point of
view approaches for systematic productivity increases, reduction of lead time and an approach to improve sustainability
indicators of value streams. The introduced developments of VSM focus on the entire flow and on details, thus creating
synergies for designing and improving value streams, processes and work systems both economically and ecologically.
On the one hand, this paper shows how practical approaches respectively rationalisation concepts (Lean principles,
VSM, Process Management, short-cyclic improvement routine, Methods-Time Measurement) are used in industry in
order to manage and improve processes and value streams. On the other hand, sustainability management can be
supported on shop floor with utilisation of VSM. It aims to extend the view on value streams of both researchers and
practitioners in sense of system and methods competencies.

value stream mapping; productivity improvement; sustainable manufacturing; MTM; sustainable value stream mapping

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