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S. Winkler, M. Bicher:
"Different Methods analysing Convection-Diffusion";
Simulation Notes Europe, 25 (2015), 1; 43 - 48.

English abstract:
Many countries in this world have lack of drinking water. Austria has advantage of drinking water coming from the mountains. This article contains a study focusing analysis of groundwater pollution. The distribution of pollution follows the convection-diffusion equation. Therefore alternative approaches dealing with the random wlak are compared. The analysis of the approaches is mostly done for one an two dimensional case.
In order to analysis the pollution distribution in water of similar circumstances the mathematical equation describing this behaviour is a convection-diffusion equation. This equation can not only be used to analysis the behaviour of pollution. Also in biology, chemistry and other fields of study this equation is important. Regarding biology the equation can be used to predict the development of fur pattern for cats. In chemistry the mixture of different substances follows this equaition. In the field of physical modelling and simulation this equation is often called heat equation because it describes the distribution of heat emanating from a source. Despite disciplines in natural sciences also the finance market uses this equation for foresee the behaviour of buyers of stocks.

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