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D. Brunmeir, M. Rößler:
"A SimEvents/Simulink-based Solution to ARGESIM Benchmark C8 'Canal and Lock System'";
Simulation Notes Europe, 25 (2015), 1; 55 - 58.

English abstract:
The Model, as descirbed in ARGESIM Comparison C 8, was implimented in Simulink, and is an example of modelling complex logic. The statistical analysis was done in Gnumeric, an open-source Spreadsheet application. The use of Simulink made it easy to monitor the various outputs.
Description of the System:
The system consists of two canals and a central lock. The ships pass through in batches in a single direction. So it is necessary to implement a logical system that swichtes the direction of transversal. We have to apply rules to make sure that after a certain amount of ships the other direction gets access to the lock as well, even if there are still ships waiting. This maximum amount is called Eastmax or Westmax, depending on the direction

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