G. Domènech-Gil, J. Sama, P. Pellegrino, S. Barth, I. Gracia, C. Cane, A. Romano-Rodriquez:
"Gas sensors based on individual indium oxide nanowire";
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 238 (2017), S. 447 - 454.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Indium oxide nanostructures have been prepared by carbothermal reduction method. From them,nanowires have been structurally and optically characterized using X-ray diffraction, scanning and trans-mission electron microscopy and photoluminescence. The indium oxide nanowires have been removedfrom the substrate and contacted by Focused Electron- and Focused Ion-Beam Induced Deposition tech-niques to interdigitates on suspended microhotplates, which allow heating up to 300◦C with a low powerconsumption of only 8 mW. The gas response of the tested devices towards ethanol, carbon monoxideand nitrogen dioxide diluted in dry synthetic air at different concentrations and temperatures has beencarried out showing a selectivity towards ethanol with responses up to 50% at temperatures between 200and 300◦C, while only small response to high concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxideis observed.

Indium oxide, Nanowires, Gas nanosensor, Chemoresistor

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