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K. Spiel:
"Experiences of Autistic Children with Technologies -- Contexts and Meanings";
Poster: International Doctoral Summer School "Opening the Black Box of Quality: Reflecting on Scholarly Practice in the Social Sciences and Humanities", Wien; 2016-09-05 - 2016-09-09.

English abstract:
By looking at autistic children as a user group, my PhD work seeks to reevaluate existing concepts of technological experiences and deepen the understanding of them. Along with a power analysis of the current discour-sive limits surrounding the use of technol-ogies by autistic children, I establish a sys-tematic methodological tool set based on Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and Critical Dis-course Analysis (CDA). It allows researches to assess experiences with technologies in a multi-faceted and more holistic way than previous concepts, which allows research into user experience to better consider its situated context and allowing autistic children to actively co-construct the meaning surrounding their use of technologies. Through a series of case studies, some of them including participatory evaluation methods, I show the feasibility of this approach.

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