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F. Klimashin, N. Koutná, H. Euchner, D. Holec, P.H. Mayrhofer:
"The impact of nitrogen content and vacancies on structure and mechanical properties of Mo-N thin films";
Journal of Applied Physics, 120 (2016), 185301; 1 - 10.

English abstract:
Based on a combined computational and experimental study, we show that besides the thermodynamically stable b-MoN0.5 and d2-MoN phases, also metastable c-MoNx and its ordered relative c'-MoNx can be synthesized by physical vapor deposition. The formation of the NaCl-based c-MoNx phase is favored for nitrogen concentrations between 23 and 34 at.% (i.e., x = 0.30-0.53). Higher nitrogen contents (close to the 3:2 stoichiometry, hence, MoN0.67) favor the ordering of the vacancies at the nitrogen sublattice (hence, c'-MoNx). The highest hardness of 33GPa is obtained for single-phase cubic-structured c-MoN0.53 coatings, whereas the ordered c'-MoN0.67 coatings are slightly softer with a hardness of 28 GPa.

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